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Don’t let language be a barrier, your legal and language support.

FOGLAR — Law & Translation is an innovative law firm combining legal precision with translation excellence, dedicated to modern businesses, public institutions and individuals.

We also offer corporate legal services, specialist translations and support for the Jewish community, providing comprehensive solutions for your business. With FOGLAR, your growth knows no boundaries.

Corporate legal services

As a law firm, we specialise in providing comprehensive legal services to companies and individual entrepreneurs, ensuring the support you need to run your business independently.

Our offer is adapted to the needs of companies in the new technology, real estate and construction development sectors. With proficient knowledge of national and international law, we also provide advice and assistance to e-commerce and international trade companies. We offer services not only to Polish customers, especially from Kraków and surroundings, but also foreign customers through ensuring complex legal services crucial to properly function in the economic environment.

Sworn translations

Moreover, we offer professional services in sworn translations dedicated not only to companies, but also private individuals. We specialise in translating a wide range of documentation, including corporate documentation, commercial contracts, medical documentation, construction development documentation and extracts from civil status records. Furthermore, we provide services of interpretation during notarial activities, appearances in courts and offices, and at different types of meetings and conferences by guaranteeing professional and complex support.

In terms of sworn translations, we cooperate with other law firms, immigration agencies, real estate agencies and accounting offices. Our collaboration aims to ensure that these entities provide convenient and complex services to their foreign customers, enabling effective and smooth communication in an international business environment.

We offer complex legal services, including corporate services, creation of trade contracts, advice on regulatory matters and on other aspects of running a company.

We specialise in sworn and specialised translations, ensuring precise and credible translations necessary for functioning in a business environment.

We provide comprehensive legal services to enterprises operating in the IT sector. In particular, we help startups at all stages of growth - from seed to exit and expansion.

We create and analyse documentation sets for online vendors, including Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies, Cookie Policies.We also negotiate trade contracts for our customers.

We provide legal services in the real estate market, including advice on the purchase, sale, or rental of residential and commercial property, preparation of contracts, examination of legal titles.

Discover the full range of our legal services for companies and private individuals.

Discover the full potential of your business with Foglar — Law & Translation


Our law firm combines rich experience in the field of law with advanced translating services by offering complex legal and language solutions.

International range

By proficient knowledge of national and international law, we are able to support our customers in running the business all over the world.

High quality

We continuously aim to provide the highest quality of our services, which is possible through constant improvement of our abilities.

Sectoral specialisation

We have in-depth expertise in the areas of law regarding new technology, the real estate market and e-commerce.

Individual approach

Each of our customers is provided with an individual approach through customising our services to their specific requirements, ensuring effectiveness.

Jewish community

We are proud of our engagement in services for the Jewish community, ensuring legal support in non-profit and for-profit projects.


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